Customer growth compass

As a pure play customer brands company, we realize that we can only best leverage the growth of our international product categories, if we work together as one team that is committed to win with- and for our customers. Therefore we work together, on the bases of our Customer Growth Compass. We give and ask internal and external feedback on our ten key behaviors:

We Collaborate

  • We work together and support each other
  • We are responsive to customer questions

We Create

  • We develop new solutions and ways of working that make a difference
  • We always look for unmet customer needs

We Connect

  • We inspire each other and our customers
  • We take the time to connect and have fun together

We Confirm

  • We always stick to our promises
  • We are pro-active and clear in our communications

We Commit

  • We incorporate long term sustainability into our actions
  • We follow agreed processes and commit to our Code of Conduct

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