Product Development & Innovation

Your success is our commitment. Stay ahead of your competition with our innovative groundbreaking concepts with a focus on functionality, texture, nutrition content, packaging and of courseā€¦ A great taste!

Your Product Development

It all starts with an opportunity you see in the marketplace that sparks your signature idea.

With our formulation expertise and detailed knowledge of nutrition and application of functional ingredients, our NPD team can help to develop your winning formula, transforming your idea into reality. We treat your idea and business like it is our own. Together, we create the best product solution and product leadership for your brand.

Centers of Excellence

Both generic food trends as well as trends for specific categories are constantly monitored to develop products that are the most relevant for your consumers. In the Netherlands our production facilities are fully focused on the sourcing, formulation, mixing, filling and packaging of powder products. Our large scale manufacturing facility in Germany is specialised in premium quality, high protein bars.

Winning Innovations

Lean protein

Crunchy bar

Grass fed whey

Guilt free snacking

Collaboration, our key interest

By working closely with you, we maximise your profitability. With our insights and proven track record in Weight management, Sports nutrition, Wellness and Indulgence, we implement a proactive approach to product development, helping you to identify gaps in your portfolio and working with you to develop relevant products.

How we support your business