Active Nutrition

Protein powders & bars and natural ingredients for Active Living & Healthy Aging

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Prinsen Berning

We produce Active Nutrition for customer brands; private label & brand owners. Our core business is product development and manufacturing of a wide variety of powders and bars with a specialty in protein enriched products.


Specifically developed nutrition, like Total Diet Replacements or Meal Replacements, that can be used in energy-restricted diets for weight management purposes.


Targeted and tailored product solutions for sport nutrition to support optimal performance, recovery and body adaptations.


Protein enriched nutritional products to promote, maintain or regain control over your health for improved general wellbeing during every life phase.


Coffee and hotdrinks for moments of pure enjoyment and natural ingredients that enhance taste, texture and visual appeal of food products.

What can we do for you?

We manage the full process; from raw materials to your final product packaging, adding real value to your business.

Market &
Consumer Insights

Relevant trends & data, to support your company with consumer value propositions.

Product Development &

Stay ahead of your competition with our innovative new concepts.

Quality &
Supply Chain

We prepare nutrition against the highest quality standards in a safe and efficient supply chain, maximizing your customer value, your sales and your profit.

Products &

We offer a wide range of solutions in powders and bars in many packaging solutions.

Active Nutrition for all life stages and lifestyles

Proteins are often called ‘the building blocks of our body’ because they are the main structural component of body cells – and therefore essential to our nutrition. Whether a person needs support in periods of growth, fuel for an active lifestyle or nutritional supplementation for muscle retention becoming older.