Growing Responsibly

We want to grow responsibly. Our Active Nutrition growth journey is guided by fair and ethical principles which come together in four pillars:

Together fair

At Prinsen Berning are guided by legal and ethical principles in all our daily interactions and decisions. Our actions are fair and ethical and anchored in our procurement, code of conduct and fair collaboration policies. The Prinsen Berning Code of Conduct is the document that contains important rules of conduct by which we support and manifest our core values. They are crucial to our success. We hold each other accountable not only for results, but – just as important – for the way we achieve them.

Responsible impact

We operate and perform our duties to the best of our ability and with integrity. Together with our partners we are working to:

  • Reduce input materials and waste by replacing them for better alternatives
  • Select the most sustainable options for packaging
  • Encourage recycling
  • And select the best ingredients

We focus on having all our products and packaging developed according to these principles.
We strive to use materials and design products in such a way to make a positive contribution on the environment, human health and wellness.

Responsible nutrition

Guided by our Prinsen Berning Nutritional Compass and together with our partners we develop products in line with the latest nutritional standards and legislation. We continuously improve the nutritional profile of our products in line with the highest standards. We create the best tasting products and keep aiming to make our products healthier, more sustainable and differentiate on taste. With our nutritional goals, we contribute to a healthy lifestyle by increasing the consumption of nutritional solutions that combine healthy ingredients with convenience and pleasure. Together with our customers, we make healthy food convenient and tasty.

Our Nutritional Goals:

Healthy Lifestyle:
  1. Reduce Sugar content
  2. Stop Transfetty Acids
  3. Drive ‘High Fiber’
  4. Healthy Portions and ‘Low calory’
Environmental Awareness:
  1. Accelerate Plant Based
  2. Work only with Sustainable sourced ingredients
  3. Becoming UTZ certified

Together strong

Our people make the difference. That is why we invest in a diverse, inclusive team and development programs. We encourage our people to grow, develop and work together but always in a safe and ethical way. Read more about our story in our Prinsen Berning Company Brochure.

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