Quality Assurance &
Supply Chain

We prepare nutrition at the highest quality standards in a safe and efficient supply chain, maximising your customer value , sales and eventually your profit.

QA, environment, health & safety

Quality, environment and health and safety is at the core of our DNA. We are committed to high quality assurance and standards, for your products and for our people. It is only with a focus on employee and product safety that true quality assurance and continuous improvement can be delivered.

We continuously update our systems
to meet all the relevant industry standards



Rainforest Alliance


Check our progress at www.rspo.org


Supply Chain

We deliver customised solutions. Whether it concerns specific requirements for product, packaging or shipping, we continually strive to innovate and further improve our supply chain to achieve the highest efficiency and long-term customer value.


Strategic sourcing leverages the scale and reduces the risk and overall supply chain costs. Through our sourcing specialists, we manage major spend categories as well as the ongoing relationships for the best cost-effective results. We minimise supplier risks through clear contract requirements and dual sourcing to mitigate supply disruptions and price fluctuations.

How we support your business