Over the last decade there has been a rapid increase in consumer demand for healthier food solutions. The mega-trend of nutrition, health and wellness has challenged the retail and food industry to improve the service they offer to consumers, who proactively seek products that help meet their healthy lifestyle needs, while raising the bar on nutritional profiling and taste experience.

A next generation food category has come to life that is best known as Active Nutrition. This growing market offers a formidable opportunity to our company, customers and consumers who aspire to an active lifestyle and long-term health.

It is our purpose to
make healthy living
a convenient joy

Why we do it

  • We take pride in contributing to a healthier lifestyle in the world of tomorrow
  • To share our cumulated experiences and accelerate professional growth of the people and customers of Prinsen Berning

How we do it

  • We build international growth by creating value with and for our customers
  • We create loyal customers by excellent execution and connection

Why customers want to work with us

  • We develop product solutions with superior taste and texture to drive consumption of Active Nutrition
  • We are proud of the brands we partner with
  • We inspire our customers with unexpected concepts, category insights and high quality products

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