Weight management

We understand the critical sensory characteristics of meal replacement products and dietary aids that have the greatest impact on consumer appreciation. Our weight management solutions are specifically developed to be used in energy-restricted diets and are compliant with the strict EU regulatory framework.

Weight management

We know taste and variety are important in order to comply with a diet. With our understanding of the consumer’s key drivers of liking and our extensive experience in this product category, we can help you building an ideal assortment of bars and powders to win in the meal replacement market.

Product segments

Classic Weight

Total diet replacements & meal replacement according to the set EU regulations.

Low Calorie

To use in an energy restricted diet, low in calories, fat and carbs, but high in protein and fibres.

Active Slimming

Supplement nutrition with functional ingredients that support weight management goals and fit with a broader healthy lifestyle.


Nutrition bars

A variety of premium quality bars with a strong nutritional profile and excellent taste.

Instant food solutions

Tasty and functional powdered products developed with the highest quality ingredients.

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