Process & Packaging

Our integrated approach ensures forward motion in our total process. The close interaction and collaboration between the different departments and strict quality measurements throughout this full process make us ultimately achieve real benefits for all our customers.

Our ways of working

Regulatory support & claims

The Regulatory function in the food industry is vital in making safe and healthy nutrition. We have in-house knowledge and direct access to the regulatory agencies and governmental authorities to ensure regulatory compliance pertaining specific product categories. Upon your request, we provide recommendations on the regulatory aspects of labelling, nutritional declaration and product claims.

Powder Packaging Options


In a variety of sizes and fill volumes Available sizes: 20g-78 g.

Stick Pack

In single serving or sample sizes. Easy-to-dispense convenience and portability

Pet Pot/Tub

Moisture-proof and strong with a wide variety of sizes. Available in HDPE and PET plastics.

Pouche/Doy Pack/
Pillow Bag/Bottom
Up Bag

Stand up or gusseted, with or without zipper. Vertical Form Fill (VFF) in popular 35 g-75 g sizes. Protective properties and unique printability.

Composite Can/Canisters

The go-to option for retail-ready solutions. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, moisture barrier protection and 100% recyclable, eco-friendly.

Bar packaging options

Your product’s packaging is the finishing touch, which may have the biggest influence on your consumer. Our team will make packaging recommendations based on your technical specifications, cost targets and marketing plans, and they can advise you on packaging formats, quality and design.

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