Sustainability is a fundamental principle of Prinsen Berning. It embraces our responsibility to people, profits and the planet. Through our commitments to Creativity, Functionality and Sustainability we are inventing a new business model that we believe will deliver value to customers, shareholders, society and the future generations who will rely on this planet to sustain their health, wealth and happiness.

On a daily basis, we demonstrate our commitment to Sustainability by:

  • Respecting the culture, customs and rules of the countries in which we operate
  • Communicating in an open and honest way with all our stakeholders
  • Having the courage to express our opinions
  • Taking personal responsibility for our actions
  • Performing our duties to the best of our ability and with integrity
  • Selecting the most sustainable options for packaging
  • Upon customer request, selecting ingredients that are natural, organic and vegan

We maintain our focus on having all our products and packaging developed according to this principle. Inspired by nature’s continuous cycle, this concept requires companies to use materials and design products in such a way that they will have a positive effect on the environment, human health and wellness.

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